Saturday, 6 April 2013

High Quality Leather Flip Case For The Samsung Galaxy s2 From Issentiel

Hello Samsungeeks
We come back today with a review of a really great product! we all know that the number of smartphone users around the globe is increasing day by day and that only means that all these smartphones out there need to be protected from physical damage and scratches.
located in Montpellier in the South of France, Issentiel makes the finest most affordable handmade mobile phone cases I have ever seen and the case they have sent us is for the Samsung Galaxy S2 model. Just by looking at the packaging of this case you will directly know that it is a quality product, opening the box the case comes in this soft fabric pouch to make sure the case is protected from any damage. Once the case slips out of the pouch and is in your hand you directly feel the quality of the leather and the fine detail of their stitching around the case, this case is the definition of attention to detail. The back of this case is solid and rigid so it can take a beating! This isn't one of those generic flip cover cases that you can buy for a a couple of Dollars or Pounds and then throw it away in a week or two, I have to vouch for this product because it's stylish, strong and will definitely last. At the end of the day this is a superior case that has the touch of European french design and great functionality, Why would anyone look any where else!

 Let us know what you think about this case!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Watch The Galaxy S4 Launch [ Live Streaming ]

That's it folks! the wait is over, the almighty Galaxy S4 is going to be released in NewYork at 11 PM GMT.
We thought that you might be looking around for the live stream, so we did all the work for you!
Scroll down and enjoy the show!

PS: Make sure you share your opinions about this brand new phone!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4: What To Expect?


We all are looking forward to the next step forward by Samsung, and if you don't know by now you better update yourself because the new Galaxy S4 is probably the most exciting event in 2013 for us Samsungeeks! What is it going to look like? how is it going to perform? all of these are questions which will be answered pretty soon.

Recently "SAMMOBILE" has released a few pictures (screenshots) showing some of the device's specifications, and it seems like the Phone will be equipped with a couple of important properties that are very important, some of which we know about already from previous devices made by Samsung such as the Galaxy Note 2 
and the Galaxy S3. For example some of these properties are SmartStay, SmartPause and now introducing SmartScroll.

 SmartPause can be found in the media player of the phone where if the user were to watch a video clip on   the phone, it would pause as soon as the user turns his eye sight away from the phone and of course the  video resumes when the user looks back at it.

 Checking out the display on this fabulous piece of technology is just breathtaking! There has been rumors   from a very trusted source and a couple of screenshots confirming a FULL HD 4.99" screen, and most  probably will include a new technology other than the AMOLED if not an improved version. 

The processor of this phone though is out of this world! another strong rumor says that the Galaxy S4 is going to include a shocking 8 core processor (Exynos Octa 541that is supposed to deliver improved performance while also being more battery-friendly than its predecessors. Looking at the screen size and the processor power alone I can tell that this phone is going to break sales records soon! I don't know about you, but am surely getting one as soon as it is out!

Will you get one too?! :D

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Winner Of The Valentines Giveaway [ 2013 ]

Am sure a lot of you couldn't wait for this moment! the moment where we announce the winner of our valentines giveaway!

After counting all the entries, the person which was randomly picked to win a brand new shiny Galaxy s3 is :

Congratulations to the winner!!

We should also note that if the first winner didn't reply back to us, we have already picked 2 more people randomly and if the 2nd person didn't reply then the third will win :)

Number 2:

Number 3:

For the rest of you that didn't win, don't give up! more giveaways coming soon! 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Google Planning To Start A Network Of Retail Stores!

It is expected that the technology giant Google to start a network of stores to market their products by themselves after the success they have seen with their devices such as the Nexus and the Chromebooks.

So Google is planning on opening a network of stores and according to “Forbes” they say that this is such a sudden strategic decision coming from a company that is known for its control on the virtual world and using it however they like to market their products, and here it is today in the real world trying to spread out a network of stores across the globe. Analysts consider this step as it is a normal and natural extension of a company’s success in making smart devices in cooperation with other manufacturers, and as a result of its growing strength in the hardware market.
Observers say that if Google was relying on other company’s retail stores till last year, but now it’s a different story! They want to do it themselves believing that the success of its rival “Apple” is a clear testament to successful deployment of stores to market their products on their own.

And if we all think about it for a second, of course it will work because as users before buying a phone or a tablet we like to try the phone, touch it, interact with it and see how it feels!
These stores will give Google a lot of exposure to all kinds of different Google products from appliances and hardware devices in addition to the sales of their devices directly to the user, especially after the success of the Nexus series devices.
Projections indicate that Google plans to open its first store in the fourth quarter of the year 2013 and it marks the launch of the festive season “Christmas” where people tend to shop till they drop!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Samsungeeks's Valentine Giveaway: Win a Red Samsung Galaxy S3!

I know you've all have been waiting for this moment! the moment where we reveal what Samsungeeks are giving away for Valentines. The lucky winner will be receiving a brand new unlocked red Galaxy S III! The entries will be taken from today until the last day of February.

How to enter this Giveaway:

1- Leave a comment on this post mentioning your E-mail, where you currently live and why you would like to win!

2- Share this post on Facebook (not mandatory, but please do it :D)

3-Please invite your friends to join as well :)

4- Winners will be notified by Email and the results will be posted here and on Facebook.

Good luck to everyone! The event officially starts now!