Sunday, 17 February 2013

Google Planning To Start A Network Of Retail Stores!

It is expected that the technology giant Google to start a network of stores to market their products by themselves after the success they have seen with their devices such as the Nexus and the Chromebooks.

So Google is planning on opening a network of stores and according to “Forbes” they say that this is such a sudden strategic decision coming from a company that is known for its control on the virtual world and using it however they like to market their products, and here it is today in the real world trying to spread out a network of stores across the globe. Analysts consider this step as it is a normal and natural extension of a company’s success in making smart devices in cooperation with other manufacturers, and as a result of its growing strength in the hardware market.
Observers say that if Google was relying on other company’s retail stores till last year, but now it’s a different story! They want to do it themselves believing that the success of its rival “Apple” is a clear testament to successful deployment of stores to market their products on their own.

And if we all think about it for a second, of course it will work because as users before buying a phone or a tablet we like to try the phone, touch it, interact with it and see how it feels!
These stores will give Google a lot of exposure to all kinds of different Google products from appliances and hardware devices in addition to the sales of their devices directly to the user, especially after the success of the Nexus series devices.
Projections indicate that Google plans to open its first store in the fourth quarter of the year 2013 and it marks the launch of the festive season “Christmas” where people tend to shop till they drop!


Anonymous said...

wow! would be amazing to see google stores spreading! we def need some in England :)

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