Thursday, 17 January 2013

Galaxy Note 2 Sales exceeds 10 million soon!

It seems that the Galaxy Note II continues to enjoy an unprecedented demand successfully striking in the area of ​​sales in various smart phone markets  around the world.

Samsung sold more than a million devices only in South Korea, home to the device manufacturer. A source at Samsung said that the pace of sales of the Note 2 was three times the pace of sales of its predecessor in the series the Galaxy Note 1, which was the first device of this series, which combines a phone and a tablet.

Other sources say that Samsung has managed to distribute over 5 million devices of the Galaxy note 2 and the demand is growing day after day.
A source in the Samsung Galaxy sales department revealed that the sales of the Note 2 exceeded the Note 1 sales by an outstanding amount! As the number of shipped phones is expected to reach 10 million devices in the next two month.

So what can we expect in 2013 from this series and can it make its way to the rest of the people out there which are used to the iPhone or any other device with a smaller screen? What will Samsung come up with next, a new phone model or a tablet?


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