Thursday, 17 January 2013

CES 2013: Samsung showcases the "Youm" concept Device

Samsung can never stop astonishing the world and specially its users by coming up with a variety of devices to an extend that they are described as the leading brand in innovation of technology, and to be honest even the CES ( consumer electronics show ) in Las Vegas with its few days isn't enough anymore for Samsung to showcase their latest production.

After that amazing showcase of the new smart TV which attracted the attention of international  specialized media. Yesterday evening, Samsung introduced  a new phone using its new flexible display technology ''Youm''.
It should be noted that the flexible screen that was displayed is only a prototype and is still undergoing more research and development, unfortunately we won't be seeing this technology out on the market any time soon.
During the show, Samsung wanted to ask the public if they needed a device like this, and would the user benefit out of a technology like this.

The device, that is a anonymous prototype, features a display that declines off of to your backside edge of the device within the correct facet. Samsung hasn't really worked out where to go with such technology, nevertheless for now the product features a landscape-oriented notifications which are across the edge. The concept is that you can read texts, check stock options tickers, and also other announcements on the side of the device in case you have a case covering the display.

It is said that Samsung experts have revealed flexible screens that can be folded as if you are folding a piece of film, experts are looking forward to this technology as it is labeled the technology of the future.

But in the meantime no one can predict the timing of the emergence of a "Galaxy Tab" with one of those flexible screens, just imagine! fold it and put it in a shirt pocket instead of carrying it in a bag or a case!


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