Sunday, 9 December 2012

Samsung VS Apple WAR

The two major Smartphone production companies, Apple and Samsung always try and show off force, control and power with respect to patents, there has always been ongoing battles around, and recently one of the big heads of Samsung (Shin Jong-kyun) spoke about some very classified details about Apple and the iPhone.
Shin Jung made ​​some harsh statements already on the iPhone:
"The truth never lies." Without Samsung patents it impossible for Apple to produce their devices. "and added," As you know, Samsung is very strong in terms of maintaining wireless patents. "

--> Certainly these statements will irritate Apple fans, but also can not forget that most of the technology up to date companies sought licenses of other companies. now a days everyone can patent almost any simple invention and because of this, companies have to licence their products in order to avoid court cases that do not expire.

What do you think of companies which use other companies technologies and pay royalties and license fees instead of developing their own technology using their own research and development? please share your thoughts in the comments below.


Unknown said...

While in-house R&D might resolve a great deal of intellectual property disputes, its cost will be passed on to the consumers and newer devices may be more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Samsung is making more interesting phones. I've always been fond of iPhones and Apple products but I've gotten tired of them. Every iPhone looks exactly the same and iOS is boring as shit even though it runs so smoothly.. even on iPhone 3Gs which is 4 years old.

Anonymous said...

Samsung have better phones

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