Sunday, 9 December 2012

Samsung Muse the new Mp3 player compatible with the Samsung Galaxy phones

Do you remember the Samsung conference announcing the Galaxy S III phone ? They've actually announced a device for playing music called S-Pebble too, If you don't remember then we don't blame you! this device was almost forgotten by Samsung themselves! until recently they have announced the music player giving it a new name which is " Samsung Muse ".
Muse is an MP3 player that is small in size and is available in white and blue (the same colors as the Galaxy S 3 phone ), and device features the possibility of linking with the Galaxy series  devices through a special application that you would download and install from Google Play. The main function of the application was to transfer audio files and sync between the Muse and the galaxy devices that are compatible, such as, the Galaxy S 2 and 3 and Galaxy Note Galaxy Note 2.

--> Samsung says that the device has the "SoundAlive" feature that offers a superior audio experience, and comes with a memory of 4 GB and provides tactile buttons that are very user friendly and easy to use, Currently it sells for $ 49.99.
I do not know if the idea of this little mp3 player is a bit practical, especially that most of us keep our music libraries on a computer instead of a phone, therefore the idea of synching between the player and a phone isn't the brightest certainly and thus Vmzamna device with the phone may not be the best idea, but unless there was a certain scenario for this feature that would be useful to some people out there!

And you, what do you think? would you buy a Samsung Muse? I know I would probably buy one purely for the fact that it looks stunning!


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