Thursday, 20 December 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Design And Technical Specifications Leaked!!

Samsung is currently developing the third generation of its hybrid device! the famous Galaxy Note, according to a report published by the newspaper "The Korea Times".
According to the report, Samsung is currently working on the design of the "Galaxy note 3".The display may seem large, measured to be 6.3 inches supported by the OLED technology, it is expected to be launched late next year.
It is clear that Samsung pursues a policy strategy, especially in this area, aiming to enhance its influence within the market through this product, which is known as a Phablet, a mix between a smartphone and computer tablet production, Samsung has long been a pioneer in this particular sector, particularly as it got to the concept of a Phablet before all the companies which combines two specifications within a single device to enjoy many more advantages, this work of technological art has been able to attract a wide range of users.
Some analysts in the field of information technology said that this device may not achieve significant profits for the company, due to its sheer size, some users find the Galaxy note 2 display of 5.5 inches fairly large relative to the size of the hand, then what would be their reaction is they bought a device which is 0.8 inches larger in size, in addition to that huge screen, Samsung will be providing  a large-4000 mA battery.
While others believe that this device is closer to a small tablet device, due to having many tablets in the tablet market with a screen size of 7 inches.

The third generation of the "Galaxy note" reminds us of the renderings of Erica Yusim, as she designed a concept and called it the "Galaxy Note X" which has a display size of 6.3 inches has a resolution of 1080 pixels equipped with a powerful 2 GHz quad-core processor  , and a massive 3 GB of Ram, comes with a tremendous 128 GB of flash storage! not forgetting the rear camera of course, because a device like that needs a great set of lenses on it! a brilliant 16 mega pixel camera, the Phablet supports Bluetooth 0.5 and has an NFC chip.

I don't know about you, but if this phone was out, It would definitely be on my Christmas list!!


Anonymous said...

That looks well nice! When its out I may have to buy it! :D

Anonymous said...

It looks very cool although I don't like that there is no space between glass and right/left side.

Mike said...

Very beautiful phone! I must have it!

Anonymous said...

The back looks weird

Anonymous said...

i wanna lick it

Anonymous said...

Best mobile phone ever

Anonymous said...

Greatest invention of mankind

Ninja Games said...

The back looks like IPHONES :\
really weird x.x

Anonymous said...

you really believe this sh*t?

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