Sunday, 4 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy S4 screen size will be a very important factor

The past couple of weeks have seen some solid rumors arrive for the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is pegged to be the only Android device likely to palpitate the S3 success, but were not liking some of the Galaxy S4 screen size suggestions that seem to be in a battle with what the majority of users craving. It is average to say that the Note 2 has carved out its acknowledge niche of becoming both your tablet and smartphone, although there is no need for Samsung to send the display size of the Galaxy S4 in this direction as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4 screen size is critical  there have been a few rumors pointing to a screen size of around 5-inches for the Galaxy S4, which resulted in forums and blog comments being crammed with users stating they'd never buy the Galaxy S IV with a screen size at or above 5-inches. It is lucid why the majority of users seem to have these feelings, which is due to each Samsung Galaxy device needing to fit in and likewise save the gap between screen sizes.

Towards the the end of last month we also looked at other Galaxy S4 specs that could happen, and after dissecting a number of sources claiming insider information it seemed that the most likely display  could be a 4.8-inch OLED with edge-to-edge technology.

There are numerous reports are claiming that February next year is looking likely for a release Considering Mobile World Congress 2013 runs Feb 25-28, wed expect a March/April launch for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be on the cards.


Sisko Punk said...

This would be interesting indeed.

Unknown said...

What's with the screens?Each time a company competes with Apple, they just release gadgets with bigger screens. Why do we call them mobile phones then?? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's really impractical to have a phone with 5.5" screen

Lina Alsoem said...

Im glad i have it :) Everything is interesting in this phone :)

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