Monday, 17 September 2012



I love it when Samsung comes up with the latest technology!. Whether it's Smartphones, TV's, Or even Cameras. Although it could be a pain when a new phone comes out and everyone is highly expecting amazing specifications overall! the software from one side and most Importantly the hardware on another, but then everyone gets shocked by discovering that the manufacturer downgraded a spec to upgrade another. What is the solution in this case? Would it be rational to purchase all these new devices because they all have the different specs one could like?! Or maybe, we can customize our hardware just like we customize our beloved Android software.

Imagine that Samsung have released a new way of producing it's amazing devices, a revolution in the world of mobile technology and market demand! What if you as a customer could actually order your phone with the specific specs you want?! for example, I like the bigger screen of the Galaxy s3 but I really wanted a 12 MP camera as well..yes I do love my Pebble Blue phone, but what if I had the chance to choose the Lime Green phone instead and customise it as I wish? 2 GB of ram... Why not 4?! A carbon fibre build instead of the cheap plastic looking 'polymer'. I would actually go crazy on the specs if this dream comes true! I personally would get the S3 and just merge it with the Note II and I think the outcome would be the ultimate phone of the year!! these two smart phones basically complete each other, and you can see that in the comparison I made between the phones

What would you want in your own unique smart phone?! And do you think this will be possible one day?! Feel free to leave your comments below.


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